7 Stages of Custom Website Development

By DBM Team


7 Stages of Custom Website Development

Stand out from your competition with a unique, tailor-made website for your needs! With DBMANAGERS’s custom website development services, you’ll get a fully responsive website made to fit your business requirements.

Our custom web development services are not just templates or plugins; we have a proven process of delivering first-class, durable, and reliable websites. With DBMANAGERS, you can get a tailor-made website built from scratch by our experienced developers and designers. By utilizing the latest technologies, we’ll make your site outstanding, mobile-friendly, and suited to your needs!

Why do you need a custom website design?

To expand your business, get more customers, and increase your profits, you must first grow your online presence. You need to provide your customers with a unique website that perfectly showcases your products/services.

You are probably wondering: “Why do I need a custom website design when there are so many templates to choose from?” However, this is the wrong approach! Here are some of the most important reasons why do you need a custom website design for your business:

Stand out from the crowd

How will your business website stand out from the competitors if it looks like their sites? If your website uses the same template as any other website in the same niche, what reasons are you giving your customers to choose your products over the others?

A custom website will make you stand out and attract more customers. Plus, if you have a custom-designed website, competitors won’t be able to copy it! With DBMANAGERS, you’ll have the total freedom to design your site as you wish.


Branding is always the best marketing strategy as it helps you give your business identity. By having a custom website design, you’ll be able to showcase your brand so that your target audience has something to remember you by.

Your logo, company colors, social media accounts, and website theme should be unique and memorable. You should use the same colors and fonts everywhere you advertise your website to build your brand. We know this sounds challenging, which is why we offer custom branding services to our clients!

Adaptive to change

Your business will grow and expand, and your website must adapt to the changes. But if you choose to build your website with DBMANAGERS’s custom website development services, you don’t have to worry about its future. We can make any changes you want!

We build websites with the business’s future in mind. We’re aware that companies change and grow, so understandably, they’ll need a higher traffic inflow in the future. Fortunately, our custom web designs are easily adaptable and flexible to suit every client’s preferences.

Fast & Secure

The main issue with ready-made websites and templates is that if one page faces a virus attack, all of them can be compromised. In other words, using an open-source platform could expose your website to various threats.

Here at DBMANAGERS, we take website security very seriously. For that reason, if you let our experts build a custom website for your needs, you can rest assured that the site will be 100% fast and secure.

List of 7 Stages of Custom Website Development

DBMANAGERS is experts in custom website development for businesses of all sizes. With years of experience developing custom websites, we have learned what works best.  Here we shared list of 7 stages of custom website development as well.

  1. Information Gathering, Concept Creation
  2. Concept Development, Photoshop PSD File Development
  3. Staging Server Setup
  4. Development of Custom Website Layout, Coding
  5. Development of Custom Website Functions
  6. Development of Website Content, Images, Graphics, Videos, Product Data
  7. Testing and Launch

By working with clients in various niches, we’ve developed the perfect model of custom website development that helps us build first-class sites. We’ve divided our model into 7 stages:

1.     Information Gathering, Concept Creation

When building a custom website, one of our primary purposes is to understand the client’s needs. For that reason, strategic planning, information gathering, and concept creation are part of the first step of our custom website development lifecycle. Each piece of information we gather requires brainstorming to create the development concept.

notebook image vector

We usually schedule a meeting with our clients to discuss the project and get as many details as possible to develop the website effectively. The length of the first stage depends on how knowledgeable and experienced we are for the particular project.

For example, if we need to develop a website using features we’re already familiar with, the concept creation will take less time. But, if we are starting a completely new project, then, we’ll need more time to gather more information and prepare the concept as efficiently as possible.

The planning phase helps us identify potential obstacles and prepare the proper measures on time. Understanding the client’s expectations and challenges helps our developers optimize their workflow. This stage also requires adequate communication, so we’ll connect you with our developers, designers, project managers, and anyone in need.

Once we make sure that we have all the information we need, we’ll prepare the concept and start building your website.

2.     Concept Development, Photoshop PSD File Development

Here at DBMANAGERS, we know how important it is to have an effective website design. It’s the critical part users see when they visit your site. The design plays a crucial role in whether the users will convert. For that reason, we prepare a concept web design to determine how your website will sell or solve the problem your users are having.


So, now that we understand your requirements, it’s time to build the website of your dreams. We’ll start off by developing a mock-up concept for web design, which is the framework of the idea behind the website design. This stage is conceptual work, highlighting how the website will evolve through the development process.

The concept will express your vision for how you want the website to look. This stage takes place at the beginning of our custom website development process so that we can discuss the finer details (colors, themes, fonts) on time.

Then, we move on to Photoshop PSD file development. PSD (Photoshop Document) is a file format developed by Adobe Systems for its Photoshop application. We use this file to store large amounts of digital data, including images, graphics, fonts, and more. This data will later be used in designing your website, both from a web and graphics design perspective.

3.     Staging Server Setup

The third step of our custom website development process is to set up the staging server. A staging server is a type of server that we use to test the functionalities of your website before we set them live. In other words, it’s a copy of your live website on a private server.

Your website will be unique to you and your customers, so making changes to its live version without testing it will be risky. To avoid these troubles, we’ll use a staging server (environment) to try anything we want without affecting the live site.

The staging server is a replica of the live server. However, it’s private, so no one can see what we’re doing there. This allows us to test, learn and optimize as we build your website. For example, if you want to try a new theme or functionality or add a new page type, we can quickly try how it works on the staging server and determine the next steps.

At DBMANAGERS, we want to save you time and money in the long run by avoiding huge errors on the live website. That’s why we utilize this stage. Our process of setting up a staging environment is straightforward, and we assure you that it won’t cause issues on the main server.

4.     Development of Custom Website Layout, Coding

Now comes the most exciting part and the lengthiest phase in our work – coding and developing the custom website layout! At the same time, it’s the most crucial stage of the whole custom website development process. This stage includes building the software for your website according to the previously agreed guidelines and concepts.

At DBMANAGERS, we have a team of experienced front-end and backend developers who will bring your ideas to life. The backend developers will handle the functionality of your website, connect the users to your database, and power the whole application using the latest technologies and programming languages.

On the other hand, our frontend developers will focus on your website’s look, feel and design – they will take the ideas determined in the previous stages and write the code so you can see them live on screen. We work with HTML, CMS, JavaScript and its main frameworks to make it all possible.

Our coding process is divided into sprints, where we meet and update each other on our progress. We conduct tests and implement functionalities within the sprints to avoid any future errors. We can also include you in some of our sprints so that you can catch up and see how far we’ve come.

5.     Development of Custom Website Functions

Once we develop the base of the website, we can move on to the custom website functions. This includes everything you need to see on your site – from design elements to blog, contact forms, drop-down navigations, calendars, GEO targeting, sliders, social media feed, maps, streaming, photo gallery, etc. Literally, anything you want!

agile web design

The beauty of having a custom website is that you can customize it as you wish. As you can see from the examples we’ve added above, there are no limits to what functions we can implement into your site. It all depends on what exactly you want to achieve with your website and how you want to do that.

Depending on the functionality your company needs from the website, some functions might be more important than others. For example, if you want to improve your organic search rankings, you’ll need a first-class blog page with keyword-rich content. On the other hand, if you run a business about banking, you’ll need a Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) section.

Whatever your business needs, we can build it for you! On top of that, we’ll provide you with expert advice on the best ways to promote your business through your custom website and what functions to use.

6.     Development of Website Content, Images, Graphics, Videos, Product Data

As we get closer to the finalization of your website, we’ll start working on the finest details like content, images, graphics, videos, and product data. This is part of the sixth stage of our custom web development process.

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Apart from web developers, DBMANAGERS has a highly skillful team of content writers, graphics designers, and video editors. Our content writers will prepare first-class content that will help your business sell its products and/or services to the target audience. We’ll help you rank higher on search engines, get leads and convert them to sales if you are utilizing our ecommerce seo services.

Furthermore, our designers and video editors are responsible for providing your target audience with the best user experience possible. You’ve probably heard the famous phase “A picture is worth a thousand words”. Well, in our case, this applies to the first impression your target audience gets when visiting your site.

To attract more customers and retain them on your site, we’ll design eye-catching graphics with colors that fit your brand and perfectly showcase your products/services.

Our designers and content writers work together to produce high-quality written and visual content, helping you connect with your audience on a personal level. At the same time, your website will be fast and mobile-friendly, ensuring the greatest experience across all devices.

7.     Testing and Launch

When the development and design processes are completed, we’ll proceed to system testing. At this stage, our team will carefully test every aspect of the website to ensure that everything works without errors. While testing the software, we’ll also utilize automated tests which will help us dive deeper into the system and reveal even the most hidden potential issues. Our teams will perform test order products from your website, testing the merchant gateways, and payments posting to your accounts properly. Other testing will be done for customer registration processes, order notifications, cancelation processes and more.

Once we make sure that the website is ready, 100% safe and without errors, we’ll launch it! The launch phase allows customers to finally reach out to your website, use the product and give their feedback. During the website launch and users start coming in, we’ll collect data to determine what the users want.

Of course, we’ll provide you with in-depth documentation including all necessary documents and materials we’ve used during the whole custom website development process. You’ll be able to see everything we’ve used and worked with, from technologies to applications, documents, wireframes, servers, and more.

Don’t worry, after we finish with your website and it goes live, we’ll still be here. DBMANAGERS offers maintenance services which occur after the software is fully operational. Our maintenance services include software updates, repairs, and fixes in case anything breaks. Finally, our team will focus on keeping track on the performance of the website.

Work with DMBANAGERS and Make Magic Happen!

Custom website development is a long and complex process, but the result is fantastic. As you can see, developing a custom website requires an in-depth plan, concept, and resources to succeed.

Fortunately, at DBMANAGERS, we have divided the web development process into 7 stages which help us build the perfect website as efficiently as possible!

Contact DBMANAGERS and let us take your website to the next level! We’re excited to hear more about your business.