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Give fast and easy access to your authorized dealers and distributors by adding your products to dbmanagers’ data hub. Streamline your business with DBM Cloud. Your data is safe and secure. Only authorized dealers and distributors can have access to your product information and content with only active account numbers &  permission. We do not sell or share your data to unauthorized persons or entities.

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By adding your products to dbmanagers you are increasing the visibility of your brand across our global network. Retailers from The United States and other markets of the world can find your brand and products easily. Expand your reach, broadcast your brand

Expand Your Reach, Broadcast Your Brand


Add your brand and products to DBM – and increase your brand’s exposure to hundreds of new buyers and retailers from around the globe. Digitize your brand today for the future. Download our standard data file sample or register with us to create your business profile and join DBM community.

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Seamless data control and flow to your authorized dealers and distributors around the world. Strict MSRP and IMAP controls in place. You are in full control of who gets it, how they get it, and how they use it. Your retailers can only show your products in their ecommerce website if they are authorized by you.

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Supplier Manufacturer Portal May 23, 2019

Orlando Website Design
1420 Celebration Blvd.
STE: 200
Celebration, FL 34747

Miami Website Design
13818 SW 152nd Street
Unit # 353
Miami, FL 33177

Las Vegas, NV
1180 N. Town Center Dr.
STE: 100
Las Vegas, NV 89144

Austin, TX
7600 Chevy Chase Drive
STE: 300
Austin, TX 78752