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Increase your online presence and grow your business with a custom Magento eCommerce website, tailored to your requirements! With more than 15 years of experience in working with Magento, DBMANAGERS has built hundreds of top-notch websites with advanced features and functionalities. We specialize in the creation of Magento eCommerce sites that help clients maximize engagement and drive sales.

Our skilled developers will assist you with any type of Magento website you need. We have plenty of Magento web development experience so we’re more than happy to help you get the perfect website. Contact us today and let’s make something great together!

Why Magento Is the Best Ecommerce Platform?

Magento, now Adobe Commerce, is an open-source eCommerce platform for building eCommerce websites. It’s one of the most effective eCommerce platforms across the globe, as it offers a wide range of services and functionalities suitable for any kind of business. Being extremely flexible and easy to use, Magento allows anyone to run a successful online store.

Having recognized the importance of Magento, DBMANAGERS has become an expert on Magento Development, Custom Magento, and Custom Functions. Furthermore, we are highly skilled in Magento hosting, management, and database infrastructure.

As such, we’ve been providing our Magento services to small, mid, and large-sized businesses for more than 15 years. Our developers have experience working on different Magento eCommerce sites, so they know how to build a professional and secure website for your business as well!

But, why we’ve chosen Magento? What makes Magento the best eCommerce platform? Here are the most important features that make Magento the best eCommerce platform out there:

Any industry website can be developed on Magento

As previously mentioned, Magento is an extremely flexible platform that allows you to build any industry website you want. Any business can benefit from a Magento website, like fashion and boutique websites, sporting goods websites, jewelry store websites, auto parts stores, furniture store websites, clothing store websites, cafes, restaurants, home goods stores, and more.

magento webs themes

Magento is a user-friendly platform that allows you to choose from a variety of visual themes, plugins, and other features. You can even install third-party plugins and get more benefits from Magento. These options allow any company, from any industry, to build a custom website and choose the perfect functionalities for its business needs.

Magento is an open-source platform – Sky is the limit

Being an open-source platform means that the software can be seen, modified, and distributed by anyone. Well, the same applies to Magento. It’s easy to use and completely free of charge, allowing anyone to modify it according to their needs.

Magento keeps track of the current internet trends and needs of eCommerce stores, so you have unlimited options for building the perfect website. In other words, the sky is the limit! Magento eCommerce makes online shopping easier, faster, and customizable. This is why at DBMANAGERS, we’ve chosen this powerful platform to build fully functional eCommerce sites of all types. Here are some of the stores that we have developed on the Magento platform for our clients Coffee Machine Depot, Lighting Paradise

Thousands of extensions are available for Magento websites

Did you know that Magento has the largest collection of high-quality extensions in the world? Well, yes, the selection of extensions that Magento offers to its users is unlimited, allowing you to get the most out of your eCommerce store. The Magento Marketplace has extensions divided into different categories, such as payments, analytics, marketing, sales, and more. How great is that?


Here at DBMANAGERS, we particularly love Magento for its wide range of extensions. When we build an online store for a client, we might not require certain features at first – but, the best thing about Magento is that we can add extras later, improving the website quality. This allows us to develop completely unique, secure, and high-quality websites.

Magento comes equipped with SEO features

SEO graphic magento website

We can all agree that every owner of an eCommerce company wants their business to be easily discoverable by the users, through search engines like Google. This means that Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is an integral part of any eCommerce site. Fortunately, Magento has advanced SEO features and plugins that allow users to improve the rankings of their products.

magento admin SEO dashboard


We’ve been successfully using the SEO features available at Magento to optimize URLs, develop sitemaps and robots.txt files, optimize keywords, add images with alt tags, prepare metadata, and more SEO-related actions. In that way, we’ve helped our clients rank their businesses high in search engines and benefit from organic traffic. With Magento admin dashboard, you can post your content for each of your product categories.

Magento is easy to use and mobile-friendly

mobile online shop graphic

Magento is a mobile-friendly platform that automatically adapts for mobile devices such as android and iPhones. Its plugins and themes are built with mobile use in mind since most users are spending time on mobile devices these days. This means that you don’t have to worry about how your website will look on mobile – DBMANAGERS and Magento will take care of that!

Magento is a highly secure eCommerce platform

Magento is the most secure eCommerce platform you’ll find out there. It regularly runs software updates and security checks to ensure that all websites are 100% protected. There are even plugins that we can install on your website to provide it with extra security.

Site hosting is another important part that comes in line with site security. You cannot run a Magento website without web hosting, as it brings your website to the Internet. At DBMANAGERS, we work with the biggest web hosting companies and will help you find the ideal hosting package for your needs. This ensures further security and safety of your website and all users that will visit it.

It’s Time to Build the Perfect Magento Website for Your Business!

Magento is the past, present, and future of the eCommerce industry. A Magento-based online store is meant to drive sales and provide a positive customer experience, which is what we aim to achieve with every Magento project we take. Building a Magento website can be difficult if you’re not familiar with it, but want to have a site that everyone will enjoy. That’s why we invite you to take a look at our Magento services and let us build the perfect site for your business!

Every eCommerce solution built by DBMANAGERS is high-performing, feature-packed, secure, mobile-friendly, and SEO-friendly. No matter what your business niche is, our expert developers and designers will make sure to bring your ideas to life.

Being a top Magento development company, we have an extensive portfolio of successful online stores you can find here. You’ll notice that established brands and companies have chosen us as their Magento partner. So why not you? Here are some Florida cities where we offer development services, Magento Developer Tampa, Magento Developer Miami, Magento developer Orlando, Magento Developer Jacksonville

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