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How DBMANAGERS Can Help Your Business Grow with Ecommerce WEB DESIGN SERVICES

It’s your design, your way, but DBMANAGERS eCommerce Web Design services can help revamp your website to look and feel much better for your customers’ experience. Our focus is on creating clean, modern, and easy-to-navigate websites. We make sure the sites we develop are working seamlessly on all devices, along with all the required functions needed for users to easily search for items. In addition, the site designs are made to be responsive so that the images and written content presented are pixel-perfect visually for a clear reading of the information being displayed on mobile devices.

Search Functionality

The e-commerce websites we develop include the use of Smart Search. As a user begins to type the name of the item they are looking for, the internal search engine begins to make suggestions of what they are searching for. This helps them find their items more efficiently. For ease of payment for items, we include an easy-to-use one-page checkout system.

Multi-Language Ready

If a website requires multi-languages to be available for its customers, we are able to add this feature. For customers looking for deeper discounts, unique coupons can be created on an as-needed basis, for example for holiday sales. If your site needs shipping fees to vary depending upon the location of the customer, DBMANAGERS is easily able to configure them to your needs.

Whether it’s a large business, small business, family-run business, or an all-in-one-person business situation, DBMANAGERS’ Web Design and SEO services cater to all scenarios. Their services are tailored to the needs of each individual company. When a potential website client reaches out to DBMANAGERS to find out how they can be helped and the cost, DBMANAGERS asks a lot of questions in order clearly understand the assistance needed and to be upfront in how it charges its clients


SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization. This basically means optimizing your website to make the search engines like Google, Bing, et cetera find your website much more easily, quicker, and efficiently. DBMANAGERS SEO services can greatly improve link building within your website, post blogs for you, and write relevant content to be added to your web pages in order to increase the amount of traffic going to your website. DBMANAGERS uses an organic approach to do this. All of these efforts combined, result in higher rankings in search engines, and thus, greatly improve the positioning and visibility of your website to potential customers.

We can help any online business but here are a couple worth mentioning here

smoke shop ecommerce design

How DBMANAGERS can help with SEO for Smoke Shop Business

If a person is looking locally for a smoke shop location to buy products from, nowadays you see several of them, even on the same street. So the smart way for a smokeshop to increase its revenue would be to increase its online presence to reach out to local as well as nationwide customers. Whether it’s a general company website, retail smoke shop website, wholesale vape website, B2C, or B2B all of these types of sites’ visual appeal and search rankings can greatly be improved upon by the services that are offered by DBMANAGERS. As far as the creation of a smoke shop website, if a general company website to show your goods is all that is needed, then possibly all you need is static pages displayed, which reduces the cost greatly. But if the preference is a smoke shop e-commerce site that includes online sales, then some dynamic pages would need to be included too. And of course, DBMANAGERS would install a fast checkout process for the payment of the products being ordered on your website. Due to the saturation of local brick-and-mortar stores, smoke shop businesses definitely need to use DBMANAGERS SEO services in order to significantly harness the power of the internet to direct potential customers to their websites. Check out our vape shop website designs.

Top 8 Services Offered:

1. Ecommerce website design and Launch

2. Catalog management – This service includes uploading your products to the website

3. High-speed hosting

4. Security Monitoring

5. System upgrades

6. Daily backup service

7. Search Engine Optimization

8. PPC Management



How DBMANAGERS can help with Medical Supply eCommerce Website Development, Data Management and SEO for medical Supply website services

medical ecommerce website


For a medical supplies business, it’s the opposite situation of the smoke shop stores. Locally, very few local locations are found easily. So, for a medical supplies store to increase its revenue, it definitely needs more exposure. And what better way to do this than via the internet? DBMANAGERS already has experience working with this industry, so whatever type of website needs to be created, it can easily be done. If instead, you already have a medical supplies website and need improvements to its visual appeal to customers, DBMANAGERS can easily take care of that too. If you need interactive pages that include things such as sliding banners, video galleries, image galleries, custom functionalities, et cetera these can be added anywhere they are needed within your website with DBMANAGERS Custom Website Design services. And of course, DBMANAGERS SEO services can organically push your rankings on the internet to improve your exposure to local customers as well as beyond.