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We know from experience that most of you already have talked to different organic SEO companies. And some of you may even have tried to work with a couple of them. We want to start by saying that the “One-size-fits-all” approach is not part of our strategy. We customize and develop an SEO strategy for each and every one of our client’s websites. Hire us as your eCommerce SEO company to drive organic traffic through search engines to your eCommerce shopping website. Search engine optimization is an important element of any successful eCommerce business. Online websites that have great positioning and visibility will get organic traffic from the search engines. Whether you are selling products or services, getting found online is the key to being successful.

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eCommerce SEO Essentials

Technical SEO

Technical eCommerce SEO is one of the most important beginning steps of any successful search engine optimization. Making sure that your pages can be crawled and indexed by search engines requires technical knowledge of coding and web analytics tools such as Google’s webmaster tools. Here are some of the highlights of the Technical eCommerce SEO: Crawling – Crawling of your eCommerce website by engine bots/crawlers Indexing – When search engines crawl your pages they will read the content on your page and index them within their databases. dbmanagers engineers will make sure that your pages are properly indexed by search engines. Our teams will also monitor eCommerce website performance by using available SEO tools. Page Loading Speed – Speed of how long it takes for your pages to load in browsers. This process depends of few factors such as optimization of site structure, hosting environment, media and code on your webpages. Learn more on this topic here Responsive – Responsiveness is one of the most important factors in organic SEO. At dbmanagers.com every site we develop will be responsive which means that your web pages will automatically adjust to the users devices such as mobile phones (android, ios) and tablets as well as different screen resolutions. Hosting – eCommerce Hosting environment can make a big impact on your website’s page loading speeds if it is not configured correctly. Different platforms require different server configurations especially for large eCommerce sites with thousands or even millions of products. dbmanagers.com servers are custom configured for large websites for high speeds.

Keyword research

There are so many keyword research and SEO tools available online for a DIY SEO enthusiast. So many keyword ideas, keyword finders, keyword density calculators, website analysis tools, rank checkers etc. Here is the question: Do you really want to go through all that hassle yourself and try to figure out how to select your keywords and/or phrases and learn how to correctly implement them on your website? We think the answer is a big “NO”. Keyword selection for your website is a time consuming process and it also requires research about which keywords or phrases are searched more than others and how relevant they are to your online business. We at dbmanagers.com can help identify the most searched and relevant keywords for your website and start optimizing your page’s meta tags and titles.

Industry specific and relevant content

Having unique articles and content on your website will distinguish your website from others. Offering fresh new content on your website will have the search engine bots visit your pages more often. Search bots will then read and process the content and index them in their databases. The success of organic SEO of your website depends on your goals and objectives such as branding, visibility, amount of traffic, lead generation, sales conversions and more. At dbmanagers.com, we work with writers and bloggers from different industries to create high quality, relevant, and industry applicable content for your website. Keep in mind that there are also other factors to run a successful SEO campaign such as budget, deadline, and resources. Our team at dbmanagers.com can put together a custom fit SEO package for your business.

Blog, article writing & publishing

Posting a poorly written blog on your pages may hurt your website’s ranks in search engines rather than improve. Writing a blog post that is relevant to your website content is essential in getting better placement in google’s ranks. At dbmanagers.com our team will create high quality web articles and blogs for your website that includes images and other media. We will also include internal linking to the appropriate categories and pages from your post. SEO blog writing is an important part of any search engine optimization campaign.

Optimizing long-tail product pages

Get your direct product pages ranking on top positions and found by users when they search for specific products on search engines. eCommerce SEO services offered by dbmanagers.com at affordable prices. Our team will optimize the long-tail product pages by making sure the page URLs are engine friendly and easily readable by crawlers. Optimizing product pages will increase relevant and high quality traffic to your website thus provide better conversions and bring more sales to your business.

What to look for when hiring an eCommerce SEO company?

The first question you should be asking is this; Do they know eCommerce? Because if they don’t know or understand how eCommerce works, then they won’t know how to structure your SEO either. An SEO Company should have the knowledge of eCommerce platforms such as Magento, WooCommerce, Shopify, BigCommerce and others. Our team at dbmanagers.com is specialized in platforms such as Magento and employs MAgento certified developers. Each one of these platforms have pretty good built-in SEO tools but they’re not enough to take your eCommerce website to the next level. Contact us for your eCommerce SEO Project.

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