Is your website’s architecture done the right way?


Before you can think of any seo or marketing for your website you should think of making sure that your website has the correct architecture. If your website’s structure does not comply with how google or other search engines crawl and index websites, then you will have an uphill battle against the engines.

Search engines have evolved incredibly in the past decade. Their goal is to provide the best and most accurate information to the users. To be able to do this search engines have developed and applied countless algorithm changes. In recent years google has made many algorithm updates to how they crawl and index websites in their index. From duplicate content issues, link portfolio analysis to mobile usability in recent weeks.

Of course the speed of your website is another factor in how it ranks in search results. The speed depends again on the website architecture as well as the system configuration of your server/hosting.

The success of your ecommerce business depends on how well your website’s infrastructure is and how your content is written and linked within your website. Of course while there are hundreds of ranking factors on google’s organic results, you must first make sure that in house work is done correctly before expecting any good results from the search engines. From optimizing page titles to articles and other content on your site, all elements have to work together for a successful ecommerce website.

If you would like us to analyze your website and let you know where you stand please contact us.

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