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With fashion brands, both big and small, competing for online wins, the need to gain customers is only getting more intense. It is no longer enough to upload a brochure or facilitate transactions – the website has to be sublime and engaging with an ability to convert. As the online fashion industry grows, the online jewelry market is also expected to flourish and catapult to $19.88 billion by 2024. Surf and shop on the internet for the jewelry of your choice without having to step outside your premises. It is time for independent jewelers to move online instead of relying on traditional word-of-mouth tactics and gain business only from a narrative of the store’s occupational origins from a single loyal customer.


Ecommerce website development for fashion businesses along with web design for jewelry stores is essential.

Typically, a jewelry store’s physical front was all it had to propagate its presence. Today, digital media plays a significant role in consumer decision-making, forcing even the smallest jeweler to jump online. Customers are intelligent and perform most of their research on the web for any product, and jewelry is no different. They are looking for quality, design, and choice even before they look to set foot into a retail location. When you get a single website, the chances are that the customers walk right into your store, mainly when you include operating hours, directions, and other details. Additionally, by incorporating visual elements in the website, consumers subconsciously relate to the marketing message and create a professional perception of the business. An organized website only invites more views and engagement than a disorganized one.

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Best practices for eCommerce website development for fashion business and web design

Focus on the jewelry

Distractions can be disruptive as far as jewelry websites are concerned. The most negligible interference can send the visitor out of the website even before the transaction is complete. A clean and straightforward layout should help you achieve more purchases where background colors are pastel shades, basic text fonts, and an orderly browsing experience without banner ads, pop-ups, or other such interruptions.


The images on your page should be large, in high resolution, and detailed. These photographs should also be the star of the show. In addition, businesses must clearly display purchase options and product specifications on the website.


Call to action

A jewelry website’s call to action must be inspiring, much like the other high-definition photographs. The stronger the CTA, the more the shoppers are drawn towards the products. For instance, use a motivational image to convert your random shopper into a serious one. Splash images and large banner ads across home and landing pages to do the magic. You might also want to display a happy couple and large wedding bands, a child receiving a gift, a spouse being provided with a relevant chain/necklace, and finally, a model that displays a gorgeous piece of jewelry to personalize buying experiences.


Tip: The most robust call to action for shopping comes with the display of a couple, which most visitors cannot resist.



With all of the world working and living out of the mobile, it is now imperative for businesses to maintain online visibility. Local companies must make themselves known in their area by investing in SEO that will contribute to greater footfalls into their store. Finally, the jewelry website must also be compatible with mobile viewing, with in-built features such as zooming, pinching, scrolling, and much more. Website content is automatically scaled with a mobile responsive design and keeps visitors lingering longer. Thus, your branding and presentation are both well preserved.



The structure and organization of a website infuse sensibility. This way, visitors can navigate smoothly across your website, scouring for information that they need. Simple navigation pages must be sorted neatly into buckets and landing pages then linked to the homepage. Besides, all crucial information, such as your operating hours, telephone number, and address, must be made readily available to the user.


Overall, the website should be beautiful and revenue-driven, attracting clientele and persuading them to engage with you.


What else does a jewelry store need?

Digital marketing. Online marketing along with eCommerce website development for fashion business is real and a must-do not just for jewelers but businesses across all industries. Encompassing various things, social media and digital marketing help propagate your jewelry through awareness created across relevant and most-used channels.


Do not rely on the store’s family legacy. Instead, market your customers’ stories and strengthen your brand. Authentic stories recounted along with jewelry can actually inspire your customers to connect with you.


Social Media

Weekly and monthly social media campaigns must be run, too, instead of just making big promotional pushes once in a while. With social media, you can drive the point that jewelry is available to be bought all year-round and not just during traditional or gift-giving times. Additionally, social media contests are a great way to attract and inspire customers. When the brand engages with real people, your social presence is validated. Take time to develop a social following and create a marketing plan that can jump-start your business needs. Even the smallest company can compete with the biggest of brands on social media. Therefore, you must ensure that you develop a following across different channels and platforms.


Target Audience

One of the first steps to drafting a marketing plan is identifying the target audience and understanding them. Next, categorize the audience effectively through analysis while identifying the key segments that they fall into. Gather a specific group of people from a larger audience to aim your marketing efforts towards them. Create the right personalized messages curated for the right audience to be seen by as many people as possible.


Address your message by putting people with similar interests together in a basket and segregate them from the rest.


Marketing Pitch

Reach out to luxury buyers by elevating your advertising strategy. Float paid advertising campaigns besides boosting your online traffic so that consumers feel like they are getting a first-hand experience of your brand. Identify market opportunities and find areas where you think you might lose customers. Then, depending upon their interaction with your site, you can formulate an entire buying journey. Use Facebook and Instagram ads to create a marketing funnel and experience increased customer conversions and simultaneously revenue.


Final Takeaways

The internet is a powerful medium and, along with social media, email, and SMS platforms, is an authoritative tool to keep the consumer interested in you. Customize your brand’s look and stay true to it while also providing customers with personalized product recommendations. Ecommerce website development for fashion businesses is also a tremendous upselling strategy.



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