Magento 2 Review – 12 Reasons Why You Should Upgrade to Magento 2

Are you Looking forward to knowing more about Magento 2? Or are you someone who is looking forward to switching from Magento 1 to Magento 2 but can not decide whether or not it is the right choice? Whatever the case may be, sit tight because today’s article will review magento 2.0 and provide you with all the information you need to know about Magneto 2.

Let’s move forward towards our Magento 2 review!

What Exactly is Magento 2?

For those of you guys who are not familiar or do not know much, Magneto 2 is a successor of the Magneto which is an open-source CMS giving many business owners a chance, more like an opportunity for expanding their business in the world of E-commerce. This system is both powerful, easily customizable; it comes with advanced security and has a lot of exciting features and extensions, which makes it a perfect or an ideal catch for many business owners. The community of Magneto is so large and connected that one can get help anywhere and at any time and that is one of the reasons that it is growing as one of the best platforms around the globe.

Due to tremendous success, the stakeholders of Magneto decided to make a much-advanced version of Magneto with new and awesome features, not to forget giving an even incredible performance, providing broader horizons for business owners, this is the reason why Magneto 2 is much better and more advanced than its previous version. It was made after a lot of research and user experience, which means it gives you exactly what you need from a platform like this.

Magneto 1 too is a good catch but having Magneto 2 in the market; there are some very good reasons as to why should you upgrade from Magento 1 to Magento 2.

Here’s why?

  1. Performance

In terms of performance, Magento 2 is much much smoother and better. Users often need a website to load up in almost 2 seconds; everything these days is faster and much faster things are expected. Almost 40% of people leave the site a moment; it starts to show some ups and downs. Expect 2- 3 seconds of performance on Magneto 1? you would be surprised to know that it’s even faster on Magento 2.

  1. Extensions

We all know that there are many extensions available in the market and installing them for our specific needs is what we all do, its necessity. When it came to Magento, it was a bit hard even for the most advanced developers. Luckily this problem or issue has been lifted in the Magento 2 with a faster time for downloading extensions so you can get a smooth ride every time you install an extension.

Magento 2 admin cache

  1. Much More Responsive


Due to its responsive design. You can easily operate on Magento 2 on all devices, no glitches whatsoever will be experienced or even slow performances. That’s for sure.

magento2-mobile-development iphone

  1. Front End And The Back End

Magneto 2 has added many new things on the front end, more lime on the display of their website as to what users see and many features have been brought to make things convenient, others are upgraded to provide a smooth performance to all the users.

On the back end, things are made much more convenient for business owners that run their business over this platform; a smooth and hassle-free experience is provided with newly added and upgraded functions. You get a

  • A newer indexer system
  • Many additional functions like Product videos
  • A full-page cache and varnish cache combined and much more
  1. Security Patches

The support which was initially given to the Magento was made to be ended in November of 2018; however, things took a turn when they changed it to a period of 18 months. That sounds pretty superb provided that there will be security given to the users, but many important fixes will stop coming for Magento. To get fixes done and also to improve the overall experience and bring changes, upgrading to Magento 2 is a better option since it is much more advanced and will support patches over long terms.

  1. Easier Add to Cart And Checkout time

With the Magento 2 users have a very easy and convenient checkout time. That is something we all want.

Moreover, of course, Magento 2 has a streamlined checkout; this checkout process makes things easier and faster for the customers. Guests can checkout without registration, and Magento 2 also automatically identifies registered customers based on their email addresses. Registering after the checkout process has also become an option, and the process is much more simplified as compared to the previous version.

  1. Compatibility of Platform

Magento 2 has overall much-advanced features and technologies as said earlier such as CSS3, HTML5 and of course the MySQL. Magento 2 also uses the jQuery instead of prototype.js

  1. DashBoard

In the new Magento software, you can find all the important information within a single area. The Dashboard of magneto will give you an overview of the most important things with added convenience to bring you comfort; you will be able to see the lifetime sales, your last orders, the average order amount, your most viewed products, the top search terms, your new customers and much much more. Magento 2 also can display your financial data so that you can see the overall state of your business in the blink of an eye. Cool huh?

  1. Upgraded Customization

Having a personalized customer experience is one of the basic requirements for all the ecommerce stores that take the business seriously.

Things like the personalized payment methods, the Up-sell and cross-sell offers, giving coupons based on earlier behavior are all provided to the merchants using Magento 2. With the help of on-site behavior, the search engine can determine what content a customer wants us to see and what discounts and offers are to be given to them.

  1. Product Upload Made Simple

Creating and uploading of new products has also become very simple. Magento 2’s new system guides you through the simplest procedures step-by-step to help upload the images very easily. This innovation also makes it possible and much easier to upload not only product videos but also product photos.

  1. Hardware Requirements

Right now could be hard to say exactly how much better Magento 2 is as in comparison to its early versions because different performance tests yielded different results but one thing is for sure, the Magento 2 takes lower hardware requirements to ensure the same level of performance as on Magento 1. This has a positive impact on the overall costs; it can also cause potentially fewer problems.

  1. Admin Operation

The Admins operations or usage has also been simplified; it is also way more modernized in Magento 2, users who come with much lesser experience can manage their online stores efficiently as well.

Pros Of Magento 2:

  • Much easier user experience, bringing users an upgraded performance
  • Buying and selling has become so much easier
  • The entire look and feel of Magento is something worth upgrading for
  • Easier options mean more sales and more opportunities
  • The overall feel is much quicker, faster, and easy.
  • Improved security features provide a more trustworthy experience.
  • It is definitely worth it.

Cons of Magento 2:

  • Magento 1 came all free, but Magento 2 comes with a price, this can be a turn off for many people.


  • Not all extensions from Magento 1 will work in Magento 2 even though they are easier and faster to install.


  • Migrating Magento 1 store data to a Magento 2 database requires some effort.

Features That Magento 1 Lacked (Cons):

  • First off, the user interface as compared to Magento 2 is not at all what you get in the later. Magento 1 is not as smooth as Magento 2.
  • The security on Magento 1 is not as good as it is on Magento 2.
  • Website loading time is not so fast.
  • It requires some effort and time to install extensions.


So have you made up your mind to upgrade to Magento 2?

Though it may need some investment in the form of money, it is worth it, and you should definitely upgrade to get a performance that is improved and reliable. There’s so much you are missing out in the Magento 1 that you could get in this version. It will also give you a worry-free time and an experience which is nothing compared to the previous version. Not to forget, you are much more secure on the Magento 2 than you are on the Magento 1 since security is greatly upgraded and much better. Also, keep in mind the convenient operation of Magento 2 even for business owners who are not so good or not familiar with using the platform.

Well, guys, that’s all for now. We hope that you found our Magento 2 review and Magento 2 vs. Magento 1 comparison full of information. By now, deciding between the two would be easier for you.

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