How to Scale Up Your Online Business With Magento Website Design

By DBM Team


Your well-designed website should be simple to navigate, fast, and delightful to the eyes. According to a WebFX study, 94% of first impressions depend on your website design.

When your website provides a seamless user experience, customers will quickly find your products and successfully complete the checkout process. 

The reduced bounce rate and higher engagement will boost your website’s ranking in search engines. In turn, it improves your organic traffic and increases sales. Your well-designed website may also reduce support costs by providing customers with ample information. All of these factors add up to delivering a seamless shopping experience, which will make your brand memorable and encourage your customers to return in the future. 

So, you need a powerful e-commerce platform like Magento. Magento (now called Adobe Commerce) offers numerous built-in features to develop a superior, fast-loading, and fantastic website for your online business.

This article will discuss all the fascinating features that make Magento the ideal solution to scale your online business.

Adobe Commerce

Magento is now known as Adobe Commerce

Why create an online store with Magento?

Over 250,000 merchants globally use Magento because it is a robust and versatile solution. Numerous built-in features and tools, plus hundreds of extensions, are available to help you create a beautiful and interactive website. But before we discuss these features, let’s talk about the three Magento editions.

Magento Open Source  

Magento Open Source is a completely free platform for your e-commerce store. So, you don’t have to pay to use this platform. You only have to pay for hosting and work with a Magento developer like DBMANAGERS to handle the installation and development.

Magento Open Source is perfect for small or medium businesses. You will also enjoy a superior level of customization and flexibility. This gives you what you desire to build the most custom website design that handles every aspect of your online business. 

Luxury French Fashion House, Christian Louboutin Uses Magento Open Source

Commerce Pro (Magento Commerce)

Besides all you get with Magento Open Source, Adobe Commerce offers more features alongside Magento support. However, you will still have to purchase hosting. Adobe Commerce edition pricing begins at $24,000 annually. This makes Commerce Pro more suitable for medium-sized companies. 

Adobe Commerce Cloud (Magento Commerce Cloud)

The Magento Commerce Cloud offers all the features in the first two editions and more. However, it also runs on Amazon Web Services, which means your website harnesses cloud technology. So, you don’t need hosting. As expected, this edition is used by enterprise companies. The cost of this edition also begins at $40,000 and can reach $300,000 annually.

Adobe Commerce Cloud

Adobe Commerce Cloud

Benefits of Magento E-commerce Platform

There are many different e-commerce platforms. But what precisely differentiates Magento from other e-commerce website design platforms? Let’s talk about the unique ways Magento can contribute to the success of your online business.

Open-source and customizable

As an entrepreneur, you already understand that a one-size cookie-cutter e-commerce platform would make it challenging to scale your business. That’s why Magento’s high customization power is amazing. As an open-source platform, you can access Magento’s source code. This means your website developer has unlimited room to customize and adapt the platform to your needs. Plus, Magento has a robust developer community that actively contributes to keeping the platform up to date with current e-commerce trends and technologies.

Magento website design

Magento website design


Magento is a content management system that works whether you are starting a simple online store or running an established e-commerce business. With its robust architecture, your website can also scale up to handle extensive website traffic without reducing performance. 

This is especially important, as most online businesses experience seasonal spikes in traffic. Magento also uses techniques like load balancing, caching techniques, and other optimization strategies to make sure your website remains fast and responsive. Plus, as your business grows, your Magento store can be modified to meet new demands.

Out-of-the-box storefront features 

You will love the many out-of-the-box, e-commerce-focused features that Magento offers. Some of its out-of-the-box e-commerce-focused features include product management, order processing, shipping integration, and inventory management. You will also have an extensive library of extensions that you can use to enhance your store’s functionality.

American premium clothing brand

American premium clothing brand

Revenue-generating tools

Magento offers tools and features to set up upsells and cross-sells in your online store. For instance, customers can find sections displaying related products, product recommendations, and “customers also bought this.” You can also set up product bundles and other discount features to encourage customers to buy more. 


Magento also has features you can set up to add SEO elements like URLs, meta-tags, sitemaps, and meta descriptions to your website. Magento websites are also super-fast, which is another important factor in improving your rankings on search engines.

Global Expansion

Magento is also a perfect choice for brands looking to expand on the global stage. It offers built-in features that allow you to manage your businesses in multiple languages, currencies, and tax rates.

Multi-store management

With Magento, you can manage multiple stores from a single admin panel. So, whether you have different product lines or numerous brands or sell to many countries and regions, you can manage all of them on one Magento installation. That centralized management will save you time and simplify your workflow.

Magento platform

Accent runs its 800 stores and 34 brands on the Magento platform

Optimized for mobile use

Magento allows you to build a mobile-first online business. This means your website can be accessed and navigated with ease from all devices, including tablets and smartphones. Hence, you can deliver a flawless shopping experience to your customers, no matter what device they own. 

Robust security to protect your business reputation

Magento offers many built-in security features, including security patches, password management, database security, support for SSL certificates, two-factor authentication, and more. The platform also undergoes regular security audits and updates to maintain security.

Setting Up Your Magento Website Design: Key Areas to Consider

Now that you realize how powerful and unique Magento is, the next step is building your online store with Magento. This is both an exciting and daunting step to take, especially when you think of the extensive features and customization possibilities. Here, we discuss the vital steps to harnessing the Magento website design for your online business.

  1. Plan your Magento website

Define your e-commerce goals. Think of your target audience, product lines, and features you are already considering. The planning phase helps to focus on the right goals from the onset. It may also help shape your budget for building your Magento e-commerce website.

  1. Select a domain name

Your domain name should make the best impression. Choose a domain name that is straightforward, memorable, and representative of your brand. You can have that domain name registered with a domain registrar like Namecheap or GoDaddy.

  1. Choose your Magento hosting provider

Your hosting plan also adds to your website’s security and performance. You could choose a shared hosting plan if you run a small store or dedicated hosting for larger e-commerce businesses. There are tons of Magento hosting providers. However, DBMANAGERS Hosting based on AWS is the best regarding speed, uptime, and support. As a hosting provider and Magento developer, you can look forward to a custom Magento website design solution that fits like a glove. 

  1. Building a visually appealing Magento website

After setting up hosting and domain names, you need to install Magento and select a Magento theme. Fortunately, Magento offers an easy step-by-step guide for the installation process. When picking the theme, you must consider speed, customizability, and responsiveness. You can choose from the free and paid Magento themes available or have your Magento developer build a custom Magento website design theme that will be tailored to your business.

  1. Harnessing Magento’s extension list

Once your website design theme is ready, you can add your products and start selling. Magento offers flexible features and tools to manage your product lists, orders, inventory, customers, and more. Be ready to also pick from a vast array of extensions to enhance the functionalities of your store and meet your customers’ needs. 

How to Choose Best Company to Build an eCommerce Store on Magento

Finding the right Magento development company is vital to the success of your online business. You need a brand with a proven track record of building successful Magento websites, a certified team of developers, and transparent project management processes. 

Evaluate client testimonials and find out if they provide open communication channels with previous clients. Ask about their processes when working on previous projects. 

Also, ask about their experience with custom theme development, extension development, and the extent of their ability to customize and tailor your online store. Ask about their maintenance and support packages and how they plan to help you navigate any challenges that arise long after launching your online store. 

Finally, ask for a detailed proposal listing the scope of their project, deliverables, and estimated costs. Remember that the number of functionalities, features, and complexities surrounding your Magento website development may influence the cost of your Magento website design and development.

Why DBManagers for Your Magento Development

Choosing the right Magento Development Agency to handle your online store project can be challenging. DBMANAGERS stands out with its team of experts available to develop Magento solutions that transform businesses. Some of their services include:

  • Magento migration 
  • Independent testing 
  • Magento website consultation 
  • Magento maintenance and support 
  • Magento development 
  • Magento multi-store web development

DBMANAGERS specializes in crafting high-performing, visually stunning e-commerce websites using the Magento platform. You will love our team of skilled Magento website designers, who are seasoned in all the capabilities that Magento has to offer, and can design a gorgeous custom Magento website that meets all your needs. We also offer hosting, website maintenance, and support packages to maintain the performance of your website. 

When you need an exceptional e-commerce website that can keep your brand competitive on the local and global scene, we are ready to help. 


Scaling your online business demands all the amazing features and benefits Magento has to offer. With an outstanding Magento website design, you can offer a seamless shopping experience and significantly transform your business’s success. 

Whether you are a mom-and-pop store looking to establish your online presence or an enterprise looking to expand your reach, our Magento developers can help you develop a custom solution that brings your vision to life.