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Regardless of what you are selling online, success starts with well designed and optimized E-commerce website. Let us handle everything from A-Z and you focus on growing your business. Let our experienced team design, develop and maintain your eCommerce business. Our team will handle the design and development process, catalog items, inventory, hosting, and support tasks. Free your hands and put your business on the fast track. Start selling today

Check out the platforms we work with Magento 2 or WooCommerce

Selling Furniture Online

Since the early 2000’s many home decor retailers have been selling their furniture and decor products on the internet. In the past decade a lot has changed in the online marketplace from search engine technologies to eCommerce platforms and functionalities. Selling furniture online is now easier than before due to many furniture drop shipper suppliers being able to provide their products in a digital format with excel files and CSV files to online merchants. The success of your online business depends on a few factors. Well-structured furniture website design is the key to being successful in selling furniture items on the web. Ask us about our eCommerce search engine optimization packages.

Sell Vape Products Online

Buying decisions today are influenced by the online experience of customers. This applies to all businesses that sell products online. How you present your business in the crowded online space matters. Building a vaping shop E-commerce website is as essential as having a brick and mortar store. An E-commerce website is an extension of your business and must be user friendly and offer easy shopping experience. Cigars and tobaccos are leisure and lifestyle avocations viewed and practiced with class. The smoke shop website design is also similar to creating a brick-and-mortar store that invites footfalls by enthusiasts who are loud about their preferences.

Sell Clothing Online

We design 100% Responsive websites and modern themes for Fashion and apparel industry. Multiple display options with alternative image displays, image color swap, zoom features, color and size charts and more for your clothing website. Give your users the options to make easier decisions and convert on your web traffic. Sell clothing online with dbmanagers’ professionally designed and developed online shops that offer multiple checkout options and gateway integrations. Accept credit cards online with, paypal, Stripe and others. At we offer full service e Commerce website development and maintenance services which includes fast Magento hosting.

The best eCommerce Platform

Numerous organizations consider the most common way of picking a platform as their business establishment. While building an eCommerce site is not an easy task choosing the wrong platform can also hurt your business.

A platform acts as a plan of action that facilitates trade and brings vendors, buyers, and sellers together on a single stage. Undoubtedly, eCommerce has opened doors for remote business practitioners who can also monitor their business using technology and features, creating sustainability. Therefore, it is imperative that you choose the suitable eCommerce business model and platform that works for you. Choose your eCommerce design based on feature sets, value, and performance data.

Pros and Cons of eCommerce

Undoubtedly, and as has been evident over the past decade, eCommerce comes with several advantages.


Having tasted the convenience of shopping the consumer is now expecting more than just purchases – its now a matter of experience. However, unlike physical stores, the internet is available 24 hours a day and for the average consumer it only means logging in at any time and making purchases for instant delivery.

All customers are variety seekers and online commerce bestows just that. A wide array of products offering a range of choices are present online that traditional walk-in stores do not offer. When consumers don’t find what they are looking for in physical stores, they are bound to visit online retailers.

Purchasing goods online is definitely faster than that of physical stores. At the same time, the consumer gets to shop intelligently with the several price and quality comparisons available online. Decision-making is better facilitated with eCommerce. Trust in our experience in eCommerce website design services.


Lack of hands-on personal experiences can frustrate customers. When the consumer cannot “feel” the goods, they tend to lose trust. ne of the biggest limitations of online stores is the lack of customer support – this is available in physical stores, where attenders are always present to provide the right recommendations.

Compliance issues with online retail businesses is not uncommon. While most retailers adopt best practices to avoid fraud, the vulnerability of the worldwide web still looms large. It is difficult for the customer to gauge whether an online site is genuine or not.

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Sell hair care products online

Hair care is one of the biggest contributors to the cosmetic industry. Check with dbmanagers to create a steady revenue and quickly build on profits. Visit our hair care website designs template page. All of our stores and designs are responsive and work beautifully on all mobile devices.

Selling your products on 3rd party marketplaces.

Online selling, although not evident, relies heavily on an audience. It can be a challenge to build the right customer base, especially when the customer feels blindsided. Yet, if you have a niche product, your own eCommerce website would do great because the target audience is already drawn towards its offering. But for everything else, it is best to approach a third-party website to take your product listing forward.

Sell beauty products online

No one can deny the lure of the beauty industry; a large part of the audience is still women, and men are picking up pace fast. Check out our beauty products website design templates. Speak to dbmanagers to learn how. Check out our managed eCommerce websites today.

Advantages of selling on 3rd party marketing websites:

A ready-made customer base – One of the biggest advantages of choosing a trendy third-party marketplace such as Amazon or Etsy is that you get the right audience off the peg. You don’t have to go through the tedious customer persona identification, product, and marketing strategies because your already popular online store comes with its own optimized audience.


Selling Flooring Online

Just like anything else, selling flooring online requires a well-developed and configured eCommerce website. Flooring items such as tile and hardwood floors have many options like color, thickness, shape, material, location, etc. Selling tiles on a website is not the same as selling sunglasses online. The out-of-the-box solutions in the marketplace today do not offer functions to properly show the products on your website. Flooring website design is complicated and requires custom functions such as calculating the required number of boxes or pallets for the flooring based on the square feet your customers need. Calculating shipping costs for flooring shipment is another challenge that the ready-made themed websites can’t provide. Engage your customers with compelling content and functionality and sell flooring online with ease.

Selling Motorcycle Parts Online

Sell motorcycle parts online using DBMANAGERS.COM eCommerce stores.

Selling Brewery Online

Do you own a beer or wine brewery? Let us design your brewery website on DBMANAGERS.COM network. We are your top-notch brewery website design firm serving many businesses located in Orlando FL and Las Vegas, NV.