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How to Optimize Magento Website Speed, Magento 1 & 2

Beginners Guide to Magento Store Speed Up Steps and Suggestions

Magento Speed Optimization and Tweaks

Below steps will help your website’s page loading times considering you are on a good hosting platform. If you are interested in DBM fast cloud network hosting please contact us.

Limited Images – Do not flood your own pages with unnecessary images and videos. Hence the word “optimization” keep the number of images and videos to a reasonable number to begin with.

Use scaled images – Do not scale large images with scripts on static pages. Make sure the images are scaled down to the area size where they will be used before they are uploaded. You can use photo editing software to edit your images and scale them down. Befunky is good online image editor. Make sure the image width is proportionate for all mobile devices while preserving your image quality.

Image Compression – Use image compression software such as tinypng. Upload your your images once they are optimized for all mobile devices’ screen sizes.

image compression tinypng(1)


Utilize Caching – Make sure your hosting environment has one of the following cache enabled / active for your Magento Website – Redis, Varnish or Memcached. Ask your developer to configure Full Page Cache in your admin panel. A couple of good FPC available from Amasty Full page cache and Mirasvit full page Cache

Magento 2 Cache Management

Magento 2 admin cache

Magento 1 Cache Management

Magento 1 CE cache management web


Enable gzip compression – This will compress the data being downloaded from your website by users therefore the bandwidth used by your site will be less and search engines like this because that means that you are using less resources on their servers. And when you use less resources of search engines compare to others, the engine algorithms will consider ranking you higher than others that use more resources. Good for your SEO

Database connections – If you are displaying products on your home page such as in a slider fashion left or right, or rotating fashion. Keep the number of products in the sliders to a reasonable number like 6 or 8. Do not flood your sliders with 30 or 50 items. Each item displayed on your page makes a connection to your database and impacts the load speed as well as the size of your entire page html size. Keep above the fold content to minimum. Here is a guide from google insights on website page speeds

If the amount of data required exceeds the initial congestion window (typically 14.6kB compressed), it will require additional round trips between your server and the user’s browser. For users on networks with high latencies such as mobile networks this can cause significant delays to page loading. “

Keep in mind, not every country around the world use or have access to fiber optic connections and speeds. Building your website for lower speed connections will allow other internet users to have faster access to your pages and use less resources on the internet.

Minify js – This refers to removing the unnecessary code from the scripts. Ask your developer to perform this task for your website. You can check this by testing your website on gtmetrix

Google Insights Speed Test

Below is a magento 1.9 store with 90 Score on google insights

Mobile Speed

dbmanagers magento speed optimization

Desktop Speed

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