Why choose Magento? Just ask our customers. That’s the opening statement on their about page.  When they say “ask our customers”, they speak of over a quarter of e-commerce sites which run on the Magento platform. And this customer includes the big boys like technology giant Samsung, sportswear heavyweight Nike, and camera manufacturer Olympus, just to mention but a few.

For sure, website developers have numerous alternative platform to build on, like Shopify, Volusion, Bigcommerce and so much more.

  • But what exactly brings everyone back to Magento?
  • What makes it so special?
  • In short, why choose Magento?



Presently, Magento comes in three versions. Magento Community Edition (CE), Magento Enterprise Edition (EE), and Magento Enterprise Cloud Edition (ECE). Built for people with zero programming skills, intermediate and advanced programming skills. Of the three, the Community Edition is open source, and indeed houses the largest community of e-commerce developers on the internet. The Enterprise Edition incorporates higher security standard with PCI Data technology. Suitable if security is a top priority for your businesses.


It was meant for the job of e-commerce. The features Magento offers are comprehensive enough to provide developers with an easy to use interface to keep development time to a minimum. With well-defined navigation menus such as user Dashboards, Customers segmentation, Inventory Management, CMS option and lots more. All geared towards making web development on Magento a walkover.



E-commerce businesses have different requirements as what is suitable for a fashion store may not be advisable for lighting or a furniture store.  Different strokes for different folks. And Magento being open source understood perfectly the need for an extremely customizable e-commerce development platform. And they deliver just that! Modifying layouts, and templates. Incorporating plugins and third party apps of your choice are just some of the tweaks that are possible if you know your way around.



Building websites are one thing and making the websites as SEO friendly as possible is another thing entirely. But with Magento, it’s all under one roof! As a developer, worry less about optimizing each single page and URL on your website.  Magento saves you all those troubles as its source codes come with built-in features like URL rewrites, site maps, Meta tags, structures and lots more.



Magento Enterprise users get unlimited customer service through 24/7 phone support and Web ticket support. As is the case with most open source platforms, Magento Community Edition users get virtually no customer service support. But yes, since it is an open source platform and there are so many users of Magento so there is a dynamic user community that provides solutions and insights to the development issues. A lot of information and resources are available in the Forum, and other support avenues like its Documentation, Sales Portal, General Information, and User Guide.


Everything an e-commerce site would need, Magento offers. Whether that be making online transactions or running backend processes efficiently, Magento has proven to be the go-to solution for developers with some level of coding expertise.

The number of users and the successes recorded by these businesses is evidence of the reliability of the Magento e-commerce platform. Though Magento has never been shy of its target market, symbolized by its Enterprise Edition, it also provides a platform on which intermediate developers could test their hands on website design, and at the same time keeping the cost at a minimum.


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