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We design, develop, host, and manage business websites and eCommerce stores for Vape and Smoke shops

Buying decisions today are influenced by the online experience of customers. Smoke and tobacco eCommerce stores are not any different. Cigars and tobaccos are leisure and lifestyle avocations viewed and practiced with class. The smoke supplies website development is also similar to creating a brick-and-mortar store that invites footfalls by enthusiasts who are loud about their preferences.

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Website eCommerce designs are best accomplished by professionals, especially when you have to revamp your website or if you wish to build it from scratch. Designing a website requires strategy, planning, and the right kind of elements in the right proportion to bestow experience. Dbmanagers employs creative design experts to produce high-quality alluring websites that amaze visitors and compels them to purchase. Focus on more critical revenue-generating aspects of the business while we take care of your website’s technical maintenance, providing you with much-needed operational support.

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We also provide vape website development through continuous innovation, enterprise analytics, and even weave AI into the themes. Our expert vape website developers ensure seamless online shopping experiences using state-of-the-art technology. As a leading eCommerce design and development company, we provide our clients with the best technical consultations meant for their unique requirements.


Using the latest technology, creates eCommerce web designs with a steadfast pledge to usability and customer enchantment. We specialize in Magento 2 development, WordPress, WooCommerce, Shopify development and are also adept at Custom PHP, asp, and Laravel. Our onsite team is committed to providing stellar customer experiences that go beyond routine eCommerce web developments. Having worked on several smoke supplies website development projects in the past, is confident that we can eliminate all your retail obstacles to render smooth and efficient eCommerce.

Why DBManagers?

Choosing the right platform There are no deficiencies of choices when it comes to web designing. But emphasizes the need for choosing the right platform that can help you create, update and maintain it while also providing third-party integrations. We schedule updates without disrupting your operations through an online scheduling system that never hinders your eCommerce sales. In addition, our websites are made to offer seamless navigation experiences for customers who visit your online shop.

Style matters

Cigars and smoke shops are lifestyle choices, and the platform is an extension of that culture. Therefore, it is vital that you depict both style and form in your website with a professionally designed logo, which acts as an anchor to the customer. This also fortifies your in-person and digital brand recognition. We use high-quality photography and typography that are harmonious with modern trends and captivate customers.

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eCommerce expansion

All businesses, including smoke shops, are meant to expand. As much as you possess brick-and-mortar stores, eCommerce stores are also equally important. The online portal helps customers who are unable to visit your shop physically. These buyers can easily, safely, and securely buy from your eCommerce store. An online market is also a great way to grow your business, where communication is streamlined, high-volume transactions are processed digitally. Besides, data authentication, content management, shopping carts, and payment gateways can also be integrated easily along with our smoke shop website management plans. dbmanagers’ design services include • unique landing pages • a great online presence • web designing • domain name registration • designing a refreshed online presence • mobile-friendly responsive eCommerce • customized designs tailored to your taste • search engine optimization Call dbmanagers today for smoke supplies website development and vape website development needs.