ecommerce website design

Simple Framework for successful eCommerce website design and development


Run your website on https:// rather than http://




Website Design Concept




Homepage design and development


Make sure your website is not calling both www and non-www versions. Decide on one and redirect the other. This will eliminate duplicate content issues.

Display content that engages your users and shoppers

Dynamic and static content display

Responsive Web Page Design


Avoid cluttered navigation and display clean and easy navigation

Create modern and informative landing pages and display high-quality unique content.


Create product listing page designs with multiple options such as sort by price, sort by size and other attributes. Most ecommerce platforms already bring some of these features. But you might need to customize some of the display titles and wording.

Use Rel=canonical tag to avoid duplicate pages for filtered / layered navigation pages

301 redirects

Making sure 404 pages are not present with WMT

Enter unique meta tags and titles for your pages.

Product details page design with call to action prompts

Display a large image of your product with zoom feature. Best practice is to split the page 50/50 or 60% image area on left / 40% content area on right

Display good amount of information about your products’ descriptions and features making sure that your shoppers have all information to be able to make a decision to purchase your items through your shopping cart.Display family products, similar or complimenting items on page.

Offer options for your products’ attributes such as size selection and color options


Allow your users to be able to ask questions on your product detail pages with Q&A section. This will require admin authentication to avoid “spammy entries”.

Use product titles in “<h1>” tags

Write unique product titles.  Make sure they are not similar to other products on your pages and on other websites with same sku numbers on the web.

Display product attachments if available such as pdf files.

Display product videos on product detail pages if available

Offer product inspiration gallery with images, ideas and other content

Displaying countdown timers for limited time offers and coupons will help you increase your conversions

Allow your shoppers to be able to place and read product reviews and ratings.


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