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SEO for Magento Websites

Magento is one of the best platforms for building eCommerce websites, as it offers a wide range of tools and services for any kind of business. It’s a flexible platform that allows you to choose from different themes, plugins, and forms, to customize your website according to your needs.

SEO for Magento includes a set of adaptations that are unique to the Magento platform. Magento offers various features like crawling and indexing, canonical tags, robots.txt files, sitemaps, redirects, and more. All in all, Magento is perfectly built for SEO! And since it’s an open-source platform, you’ll have full control over its features.

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Technical SEO

At DBMANAGERS, we have a team of Magento experts that are skilled in building Magento websites for different businesses. As a result, we know how important SEO is for Magento websites. As we see it, you won’t see any success with your website if it’s not properly optimized for search engines.

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Keyword research

There are so many keyword research and SEO tools available online for Magento websites. So many keyword ideas, keyword finders, keyword density calculators, website analysis tools, rank checkers etc. Here is the question: Do you really want to go through all that hassle yourself and try to figure out how to select your keywords and/or phrases and learn how to correctly implement them on your website? We think the answer is a big “NO”. Keyword selection for your website is a time consuming process and it also requires research about which keywords or phrases are searched more than others and how relevant they are to your online business.

From our experience, SEO helps grow the quality and quantity of your traffic, which will increase the customers’ interest in your products. We know that Magento is the ideal platform for building SEO-friendly websites that improve the overall shopping experience and rank high on search engines. For that reason, we offer custom SEO for Magento services, built for your needs, to help you get the desired results.

Best SEO for Magento Websites

If you want to build a Magento website, or you already have one and not getting any traffic to your site, contact us! DBMANAGERS has years of experience in custom eCommerce development and Search Engine Optimization resulting in successful websites with first-page ranked keywords. Looking forward to hearing your ideas!

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How fast can I get traffic to my Magento website?
It will take anywhere from 2 to 6 months to start receiving traffic to your Magento website. SEO is a marketing channel that doesn’t deliver instant results.
Does DBMANAGERS offer SEO services for Magento, WooCommerce or Shopify
Yes, DBMANAGERS offer a wide range of SEO services for different eCommerce platforms, including Magento, WooCommerce, and Shopify. We specialize in the creation of SEO-friendly eCommerce websites that help clients maximize engagement and drive sales, regardless of the platform your website is built on. Contact us so that we can discuss your site further.
How long does it take to rank for my keywords on search engines?
According to our clients’ experience, it could take three to six months for your keywords to rank on search engines through SEO. Getting on the first page on Google is challenging, especially if your keywords have a higher search volume. It depends on the popularity of your keywords, but we have proven processes that will help you rank higher.
Does DBMANAGERS offer B2B ecommerce SEO?
Yes, DBMANAGERS offers B2B eCommerce SEO services for all our clients, regardless of the niche they’re working in. We provide our clients with custom B2B SEO strategies that help them rank their websites high. Our team is experienced in building websites that will show up for search queries by your target audiences.
Does DBMANAGERS offer long tail keyword optimization for eCommerce product pages?
Yes. Yes. Here at DBMANAGERS, we believe that incorporating long-tail keywords is important for every eCommerce website. That’s why we offer such optimization for the products of our clients. These keywords are less competitive than generic keywords. They will help you attract the right target audience that is interested in buying the products you sell.
I want my eCommerce site to rank on first page of google for a specific keyword, can you guarantee that?
We cannot guarantee that every keyword will rank on the first page of Google, because it depends on various factors. We’ll do our best to rank more keywords, so your website won’t depend on only one. Contact us and we’ll talk more about your website, do a competitor analysis and come up with the best keywords that have the most potential to rank on the first page!
How do I get local traffic to my eCommerce store?
Many techniques help users get local traffic to eCommerce stores, such as email list building, quality backlinks, video marketing, on-page SEO, content optimization, and more. We know that it could be difficult to find the right tools for local traffic, which is why we offer custom eCommerce SEO services. Contact us and we’ll find the best ones for your store!

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