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If you want to set up your blog or a modern business website, then you’re probably looking for custom WordPress website services. And you’ve come to the right place – DBMANAGERS is one of the best WordPress website development service providers on the market!


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We’ve been helping hundreds of businesses with our WordPress web development services and providing them with the sites of their dreams! Our skilled WordPress web developers have the experience in delivering innovative and unique solutions for every client.

Let us introduce you to DBMANAGERS, the one-stop solution for getting the ideal WordPress website for your business needs!

What is WordPress?

Before we share what WordPress website development services we offer, we would like to explain what actually WordPress is. So, if you’re still not familiar with WordPress, this will be useful to know what you’ll be getting yourself into!

WordPress is an open-source Content Management System (CMS). It’s one of the easiest and most popular tools for individuals who want to have their own websites, both for personal and professional use. Being able to adapt to meet a range of content needs, WordPress has become the number one solution for every business to get the perfect website.

When using WordPress for website development, you can customize your website according to your needs. This powerful CMS allows you to add different plugins and themes to your site. And DBMANAGERS is here to build you the best WordPress site at affordable prices and with high-end solutions!

Who can Use WordPress?

WordPress can be used literally by everyone! It’s made in such a way that allows every individual to be able to run a website, even without any coding knowledge. When WordPress was invented, it was mainly used for creating blogs. Due to its user-friendly nature, bloggers can easily add posts, pages, tags, categories, and organize their content as they want. At DBMANAGERS, we’ll assist you from the beginning and will help you design your blog as you wish!

For a Professional Portfolio

If you visit WordPress, you’ll see that the platform offers a wide range of themes and plugins so that you can customize your website however you want. As a result, WordPress is the best CMS for showcasing your personal brand and building a professional portfolio. Need help with this? Contact us and we’ll make it happen!

For a Business Website

If you run a business, whether it’s small, medium, or high-sized, you can also benefit from WordPress by having a website on this CMS platform. Of course, a business website needs to be more professional, with more pages and posts than the average blog or professional portfolio. That’s why DBMANAGERS is here to meet your needs so that you can grow your business with WordPress!

For an E-Commerce Store

WordPress is actually the perfect platform for running an e-commerce store. It allows businesses to easily manage products, payments, shipping, and everything in between, while customers have the best shopping experience. We can turn your e-commerce idea into a reality with our custom e-commerce web development services!

Some of the industries we serve

Best Website Design Service at Affordable Low Cost

We offer the following web design services to small and medium-sized businesses, dentist website design, doctor office website design, medical website design, healthcare web design service, Lawyer website, attorney website design, Law Office website development, tire Shop web design, Auto Mechanic website, auto part website, furniture store website, lighting Showroom website, clothing boutique web design, cafe website design, restaurant website development, smoke shop website design, hotel website design, real estate web design, motorcycle shop website development,  bicycle shop website design, bakery website design, brewery website design, bagel shop web design, art Supply Store web design, Club website development, jewelry store web design, fitness web design, sporting Goods Store website development service, cooking website design, real estate agency website development, and many more! Get the best web design for your business at a low cost.

Feel free to contact us and we’ll discuss your business idea in more detail.

Benefits of Using WordPress for Small Businesses

Today, WordPress is the most popular CMS all over the world. It was estimated that WordPress powers a quarter of the world’s websites. With WordPress, you can build and manage any type of website, from a personal blog to an online store and a business website. Choosing WordPress as a CMS solution is perfect for small businesses as it’s intuitive, easy to use, and provides great value at affordable costs. By having a custom WordPress website for your business, you’ll be able to achieve a high-quality online presence and surpass the competition!

Let Us Build Your WordPress Website

We are professional WP developers and we design websites at affordable costs

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WordPress Website Development

WP Basic

One Time Pay $1,490


Pay Monthly $135/mo - Hosted on dbmanagers servers until paid in full. 12 months contract is required. Payments total $1,620) - Website Hosting and Maintenance  Included

Up To 5 Page Development

Professional WP Development

WP Design & Consultation

Google Analytics Setup

Instagram Feed Setup

Blog Setup

Security Setup

100% Satisfaction & Work Quality Guarantee

WordPress Website Development

WP Plus

One Time Pay $2,690


Pay Monthly $245/mo - Hosted on dbmanagers servers until paid in full. 12 months contract is required. Payments total $2,940) - Website Hosting and Maintenance  Included

Up To 10 Page Development

Professional WP Development

WP Design & Consultation

Google Analytics Setup

Instagram Feed Setup

Blog Setup

Security Setup

100% Satisfaction & Work Quality Guarantee

WordPress Website Development

WP Pro

One Time Pay $4,890


Pay Monthly $449/mo - Hosted on dbmanagers servers until paid in full. 12 months contract is required. Payments total $5,388) - Website Hosting and Maintenance  Included

Up To 20 Page Development

Professional WP Development

WP Design & Consultation

Google Analytics Setup

Instagram Feed Setup

Blog Setup

Security Setup

Content Creation

100% Satisfaction & Work Quality Guarantee

It’s Manageable by Multiple Users

You can add multiple users who will be able to manage your website. What’s even better is that WordPress can be managed from any device, both desktop and mobile! This allows you to work from anywhere you want and collaborate with your team members when necessary.

It’s Mobile-Friendly with a Variety of Themes

Nowadays, people are spending more time on mobile devices rather than on desktop devices. For that reason, WordPress is a mobile-friendly Content Management System that will automatically adapt your website for mobile devices.

It’s Secure and Reliable

WordPress releases software updates and security patches on a regular basis which ensure that all websites that run on this CMS are secure and reliable. Furthermore, WordPress offers hundreds of security plugins that can be installed on your website.

It’s SEO-Friendly

WordPress websites are SEO-friendly and accessible for search engines to crawl and index. Plus, we can install additional SEO plugins which will help you ensure that your content is always SEO-optimized.

It Offers Many Advanced Features

As you can notice so far, WordPress offers so many advanced features that we cannot count them! There are plugins for everything, from security to design, SEO, scripting, and more. Moreover, we can install third-party plugins and get even more benefits from this powerful platform. Luckily, DBMANAGERS is here to find the best plugins for your needs, so that you can get the most out of your business site!

Cost of Developing a WordPress Website

DBMANAGERS is your number one choice for WordPress website development. We know that creating a website can be a challenging process, despite the fact that WordPress is an easy-to-use CMS. For that reason, we’ve prepared special packages for businesses to receive the best websites for their needs, at affordable prices!

We offer multiple price levels based on the number of pages you need. Prices can range from $900 to $9,000, depending on your requirements. We can custom develop the site or use ready-made themes as well! Feel free to contact us and we can prepare the best deal for your needs!

WordPress Services We Offer

At DBMANAGERS, we have assembled the best WordPress developers that know how to build high-quality and user-friendly websites. We follow clear coding practices to deliver secure and reliable websites. In addition, we are trusted by many small and mid-sized businesses for their website development requirements.

Here are some of the WordPress services that DMBANAGERS offers to its clients!

WP Design Service

The design remains our biggest focus when developing a custom WordPress website. We offer a full design services package for any type of website you need, from a simple blog to an advanced e-commerce site. Our expert designers will make sure that your website stands out from the crowd with its uniqueness. Through the design, we’ll capture your brand’s personality to help your audience get to know you better. On top of that, your website will be mobile-friendly so that anyone can access it from anywhere!

WP Development

Our years of experience as a leading WordPress website development company have helped us to learn how to develop clean and responsive websites. By using the latest technologies like HTML5, PHP, MYSQL, Apache Web server, and Ajax/JQuery, we can build a custom website from scratch and deliver you the ultimate website for your needs. Feel free to contact us and let us know the preferred technology you want your site to be built with!

WP Hosting Service

You cannot run a WordPress website without web hosting. It’s a service that allows businesses to launch websites on the Internet. Choosing the right web hosting platform for your WordPress website could be a challenging process, which is where we come in! At DBMANAGERS, we collaborate with major web hosting companies and offer WordPress website hosting and maintenance at low prices.

WP Maintenance Service

We understand that not all our clients are knowledgeable about the technical perspective of a website. That’s why we offer WP  maintenance services! A well-maintained WordPress website will load faster in different browsers, attract more users, make more sales, and rank higher in search engines. For that reason, look no further and hire us to get all the maintenance and support you need! We’ll ensure that your website is always up to date with the latest software and plugin updates.

WP Debugging

At DBMANAGERS, we are fully aware that any website can face errors, also known as ‘bugs’. So, we’ve gained enough experience to fix all bugs and issues related to the WordPress sites! Our highly skilled developers are experts in debugging, which is the process of removing the bugs from your site. We’ll make sure that your website is secure and works smoothly, without any errors.

WP CMS Management

As you know, WordPress is a Content Management System (CMS) that helps users create, manage and modify content on a website without any technical knowledge. At DBMANAGERS, we’ve come up with specialized CMS Management services to explain to you how the platform works and how you can easily manage your content there. In addition, we offer custom CMS solutions if your business requires some additional features!

Backup Services

There are times when no matter what you do to secure your website, the risk of losing your data is possible. In case the functionality of your website is damaged, you need to find a way to recover your data. Our advanced backup services ensure that your WordPress website will always be covered, even in cases of huge failures! We will back up the full system of your website and will put auto-detection services in place. We’ll assist you through the whole process to ensure that every part of your website, from blog posts to some more complex pages, is backed up on servers operated by our security team.

Redesign of WP

If you already own a WordPress website and want to update its design, we can help you. We offer high-quality redesign services to help you get the best appearance of your website. All the websites that we have designed are super-fast and highly optimized across all devices. They utilize custom designs that improve the overall user experience, engagement, and conversion.

Site Revamp

Similar to our redesign services, we also offer complete site revamp services to anyone in need! We use intelligent frameworks and will help you get the first-class WordPress website you deserve. Our coding practices are universally accepted and allow the website to load fast and smoothly. We follow the best WordPress development practices which allow us to eliminate any issues. This ensures that you’ll get an easy-to-use and maintained website!

WP Migration

Do you own a website on another CMS platform and want to migrate it to WordPress? If this is your case, let us help you! We offer full WP Migration services for any kind of website. We’ll safely transfer your website to WordPress at affordable costs. In the end, you’ll get an improved and high-quality website that runs on the most popular CMS platform!

WP Plugin Installations

As you’re probably aware, WordPress offers thousands of plugins for different purposes, so it could be hard to choose the right plugins for your business needs. At DBMANAGERS, we have business experts that will carefully choose the best plugins for you, and then will install them on your website. We’ll make sure that the plugins are correctly installed and integrated into your site, so they won’t cause issues in the future.

Theme Installations

Just like the plugins, so does WordPress offers thousands of themes that you can use on your website. Some of the themes are free, while others are paid. However, the WordPress themes come with lots of features and it can be difficult installing them. For that reason, you can hire us and let us install the WordPress theme of your choice! We’ll precisely install the theme and ensure that it looks as gorgeous as the demo version that you saw.

Theme Design for WP

You don’t like the already available themes on WordPress? Do you want a unique, innovative theme for your website? Then you’ve come to the right place! At DBMANAGERS, our team of experts is highly experienced in developing and designing custom themes for WordPress websites. Keeping mobile-first orientation in mind, we will design the theme of your dreams and help you grow your business even further.

WP SEO & Marketing

Every WordPress website we build is optimized for search engines with our advanced SEO and Marketing services. We implement SEO techniques that include meta tags, headings, image optimizations, keyword research, competitor research, and more. This will kick-start your marketing strategy without additional costs! Your site will rank higher in search engines like Google and your business will bloom through organic traffic. Sounds amazing, right?

WP Consultation

We offer expert consulting services for all our clients before we start working on their websites. We love to hear your ideas, challenges, and goals so that we can prepare the project plan for your business site. This will help our team develop and design your WordPress site by the deadline that we’ll agree.

WP Expert Help and Support

DBMANAGERS will be here to offer expert help and support to you, even after we finish developing your WordPress site. We’ll support you in learning the important features and plugins that your site has.

Let’s Build the Ultimate WordPress Website For You!

Creating a WordPress website could be a challenging task if you’re not an expert. You want to build a site that your customers will love, but you don’t want to spend months developing it. That’s why DBMANAGERS is here to build the ultimate WordPress website for you!

With an exceptional team of developers, designers, and marketers with expertise in WordPress web development services, we know how to build the perfect site for any kind of business. So don’t hesitate and contact us today! We would love to bring our expertise and passion to your table and help you grow your business.